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Harrassment on Renovation/Constructions of Old Houses
Posted by :(Identity Hidden) Level :locality (Murad Nagar (Hyderabad), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh ) Type :common Issue Category :Military

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Sub:- Representation Regarding the
objection raised by the Military
Authority restriction Towards the
construction of buildings as per the
G.O.Ms No. 86 U.D & M.A Dated 03-03-2006
situated at Khasim Ali Khan Compound & Hasham Compound, First Lancer, Ahmed Nagar,

Masab Tank, Hyderabad – 28.

Ref: Arising

Respected Sir,

We beg to bring the following few lines for your kind consideration and favorable orders.

Further we submit that we are the legal owners of House Nos. we posses registered Valid documents of our property.

As per the government record of Hyderabad Collector Survey & Land Record Department the

Entire Hashim Compound & Khasim Ali Khan Compund is absolutely Patta Land (I.e) Private Property

Of the Then Late Nizam Sarfekhas Mubarak, and it has Survey No. 594/39 comes under Asif Nagar

Mauza, Malkapur Village, Town Survey No. 62, Block-A, Ward-22.

The First Lancer, Bada Bazar is very very old locality since The Nizam’s Govt. period, we are residing in

this locality for the last 60years since 1950 onwards, and all the civics Amenities, Such as Water Supply

System, Sevarage System, Electricity & Roads provided by the Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation

and the property tax is also being paid to the Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation regularly.

So in this connection we would like to bring to your kind notice that recently Asif Nagar Military

Authority has raised an objection for the construction of new buildings as per the G.O Ms No.86 M.A

& U.D Department dated 03-03-2006. According to the Municipal building by-laws 1981 to the extent

specified in this regard government issued the following notification in Andhra Pradesh Extra ordinary

gazette dated 04-03-2006 in which for building activity within the restricted zone of 500mts distance

from the boundary of Defense area/Military establishment, necessary Sub-Area head Quarter Clearance

Certificate from the concerned defense authority to be obtained.So in this regard we humbly request The Honorable Collector of Hyderabad district to kindly intervene

In this matter and take appropriate action on humanitarian ground.

Thanking You
Ahmed Nagar Locality.

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